Thursday, 1 May 2014

::: 7 Way's we harm our Visibility & How to Stop it - Part 2 :::

It was once said that, your reputation is the thing that's left in the room, long after you leave!

On my own visibility journey spanning nearly 20 years, I’ve raised my profile professionally, increased my income (tripling it to be exact) and become known as a visibility specialist, business coaching on this very subject.

Things haven't always been so rosy though, so this is why I share this with you.

In his book "A Complaint Free World: The 21-day challenge that will change your life " Will Bowen encourages readers to wear a band which they transfer from left to right wrist every time they hear themselves complaining.

The goal is to wear it for 30 days straight without transferring it.

I'd like to create one for business professionals called, "the no bitching rule!" That includes those seemingly harmless comments framed as observations where the sum purpose is to make another person look inadequate, incompetent or 'in-credible'

Day 1 starts now!

Take a few moments each day to notice how you get on!

Jenny Kovacs activates your Visibility so you're seen, heard and noticed. Known as the ‘Queen of Being Seen’ Jenny shares quick, effective techniques which increase your professional Visibility, getting you seen, heard and noticed by your potential clients.

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