Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Spaghetti Head

I have been busy beavering away at GiFTWiSH in order to provide you with even more webinars that educate, fun and engaging workshops and on line 'do it from your desk' programmes.

In order to do this I have been focused and working hard with a huge to do list.

I realised that in order to get things done, there were certain great habits that I’ve adopted. At the same time while working a business as usual, my clients have been voicing concern over how to get through their huge to do lists too, so I thought ‘why not share this with my readers? 

After all I love motivating, helping with mindset and serving you in order to help you have easier life lessons (and that’s only some of what GiFTWiSH do too!).  Through sharing with you, I learn lots too and when I pass that onto you and my clients we all share the fun!

So take a moment to sit back close your eyes and think of all of the things on your to do list, these can include absolutely anything from work, housework, family, shopping, garden, pets etc etc. How many of you opened your eyes almost immediately and went into a panic?
If that wasn’t you, that’s great and perhaps you’ve cracked it but if you’re about to hyperventilate then STOP I know what to do!

1) Grab a piece of paper minimum A4 (bigger if you have a lot to do)

2) Set a timer for 5 minutes and write down as many of the items that you have to do if there are still more things to do, take another 3 minutes to write down more

3) Take a big deep slow breath, remembering to breath out too.

Now a big part of your initial problem, was that up until the point where you’d written everything down onto a piece of paper you’ve had what we affectionately call “Spaghetti Head”. 

Imagine that everything on your to do list and each new deed, thought and thing to do is also a piece of spaghetti and that your head is literally filling up with more.

The exercise above allows you to sort through your spaghetti, get a clearer head and take everything out of your head and onto paper so that your next steps become clearer and more apparent. This exercise alone will make things more manageable straight away.

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