Thursday, 18 December 2014

::: The day that changed my life! Visibility as me and feeling the VIBES :::

It was Wednesday lunchtime, and a good friend sent me an email saying “Jenny are you going to this?"

The ’this’ she was referring to was an event which was only two days away THAT Friday, giving me less than 48 hours to decide, organise and drive to an unknown location, with a room of unknown people, about three hours away from my house, including traffic *sighs at the traffic jams* (tailbacks to you if you’re a reader from the US or Canada). 

I was really busy, I had a lot of work to do and in addition to all of that, I was going to be on a training course that weekend, thus wiping out my Saturday and Sunday for any free time to catch up.

In addition to this, the woman my friend was raving about, I hadn’t even heard of before! So she sent me the link to her sales page, so that I could find out more.

In true Jenny fashion, I skimmed through the page which was filled with names of people I’d never heard of before, until I saw one I recognised. This was somebody who had given a testimonial to the work of the event host and had been featured on TV. Well, I thought, I’ve heard of that TV programme and them, so that peaked my interest.

As I looked at my calendar, I thought of the fuel money I would need, the time that would be taken out of my diary and the reasons that I shouldn’t go. After around 45 minutes,which for me is an eternity, I decided to go with my gut, my gut said yes. So I got online, paid the first of 2 instalments, (the day was £497) and decided to go with my gut once again. 

Shortly after I received details of the hotel, which was pretty amazing, and according to the last-minute-accommodation-type-search-engines even with 2-3 hundred pounds off per room per night I’d still be looking at around £400 per night (yes, that kind of amazing!). 

That Friday morning, I left the house at 6am to beat the traffic and only 2 and a half hours later drove into the most stunning grounds of the hotel, (and I mean really stunning), it had a spa, there were huge stallions grazing and in the huge grounds surrounding, a big country style hotel with a very high-level feel, I parked my car, I took a deep breath and went in. 

I’d got there early so had plenty of time to meet some of those fabulous people who were in the room beforehand, many of those people are still in my life today or in someway still connected to me and me to them.

So why am I calling this the day that changed my life?

Because on this day, I met for the very first time some of the most extraordinary, generous, inspirational, divinely abundant, and general all round scrumptious people. I truly feel that day changed the course of my life. 

AND … without meeting them it’s likely I may never have met YOU

What I learned about this day, which changed my life is;

1. Even when you think something might be a pain in the backside to do or attend because your diary needs a rejig and it doesn’t fit with your plans or feels like an unnecessary financial fit, doesn’t mean that it’s not a good thing to do.

2. Sometimes, try as you may to describe an experience for somebody, you can only describe so much without allowing them to experience it for themselves and make their own choices. It’s a bit like trying to talk someone into a new experience, career or position. Once you’re there you’ll experience it through your own subjective experience. Had somebody of tried to describe the experiences and opportunities which followed that day and the far reaching effects it hd for me, I would not have been able to fully appreciate or comprehend them. 

3. Sometimes, that strong feeling in your gut, which might not make any sense at all to anybody else except you? If it feels strong enough, follow it. 

There were people I would never have met if I hadn’t gone along that day

There were opportunities which would not have presented themselves to me if I hadn’t have gone along on that day. 

I would definitely be less clear on who I am and what I'm capable of today, if I hadn’t said yes to attending that day

The things, people and places, I value and hold dear to my heart have become clearer, nearer and dearer since that day. 

I now know what I'm capable of, (and I'm still learning even more of this) as I travel down this life path since that day. 

The way I show up for life, the way I live, the way I act, the things I do, have definitely magnified since meeting those people on that day.  

The people I spend my time with, some are the same and some different. I still love spending time, with the people, who back then supported my business my lifestyle and me. My environment has been so important along this journey even more since that day. 

So next time you’re finding a reason to say you can’t, look, listen and feel for a reason why you can!

Does this resonate with you? Have you ever felt a similar experience? Have you seen something like this? 

Share below your moments when you allowed yourself to say yes and something pretty magical happened. 

Is it time you got visible?