Monday, 28 April 2014

::: 7 Way's we harm our Visibility & How to Stop it - Part 1 :::

It was once said that, your reputation is the thing that's left in the room, long after you leave!

On my own visibility journey spanning nearly 20 years, I’ve raised my profile professionally, increased my income (tripling it to be exact) and become known as the expert. 

Things haven't always been so rosy though, so in a bid to continue being transparent and totally authentic. Allow me to share with you these top nuggets!

1. Inappropriate Dress

During my time of delivering corporate training, around 83% of my time I've been asked to address this issue of inappropriate dress!

From flip flops to midriffs, short trousers to scruffiness, over exposed cleavage to bad hair do's, holey hosiery to personal hygiene (or lack of it)

If your business faces these challenges, get in touch, I offer online, in house and workshop based training, coaching and support email me here


Jenny Kovacs

Jenny Kovacs aka, the ‘Queen of Being Seen’ activates your Visibility so you're seen, heard and noticed. Jenny shares quick, effective credibility techniques.

Awarded by her mentor in her SASSY mastermind (after only 3 months) - yup, she's really pleased with that one! Jenny Kovacs specialises in helping you to become even more Visible, she Speaks about and facilitates getting you and your company visible getting you seen and heard. 

Jenny's mission in life, is to ensure you communicate, share and sell with credibility and ease, getting you seen, getting you heard and getting you noticed. 

Jenny speaks nationally on raising your Visibility both live and online and spreads the getting seen ripples far and wide,  she shows you quick and easy ways to connect with people, while increasing your impact and confidence. 

Jenny loves to travel and you can often find her whereabouts here on Facebook on Twitter

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