Saturday, 3 January 2015

[Presentations] Popular reasons people gave for not liking presentations and how to reverse it

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#1 ~ Popular reasons people gave for not liking presentations and how to reverse it (while building your business and your reputation) 

In 2012, I collated the top 28 most popular reasons my live audiences and webinar attendees gave for not liking presentations. When I started to hear the same reasons over and over again, I knew had to share ways for you to love presenting you.

Regardless of what you do, there'll be an element of your professional life where you're required to present, either in a meeting, when public speaking, on a video, during a webinar, even on the phone.

The list is endless, and so are the many opportunities for you to love presenting yourself to your world in your way.

Reason number 28 Not finding the words you want to use.
Sometimes you may struggle to articulate and find specific words, go through this mini checklist to see whether you've ticked these boxes.
  1. Are you certain of what effect you'd like the listener to experience? In other words, how do you want your audience to experience you? Is it inspired? motivated? educated? or informed? Just some of the intentions behind what we'd often like to say. Before you speak be sure to get clear on your desired effect.
  2. Is your outcome clear or hazy? What's your point? What do you want the person or people to do differently as a result of what you say? Often when we haven't established this for ourselves deep down, it's really difficult to find the words you want to use
  3. Have you rehearsed or specifically thought about what you want to say beforehand (so you're not 'winging' it)? I admit, I'm great at being put on the spot and giving last minute talks BUT and it's a big but (gosh that sounds wrong). When the people you're speaking to are important to you and you're honouring the time THEY choose to spend with you, you'll spend time practising so that the words find you. (Keep your eyes peeled for a great and quick way to practise on little or no time). 
Think about the next time where you're required to speak, put this nugget into action and notice the difference you'll make. 
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