Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Five Things That Can Happen When You Decide to Get Visible Part 2

If you've decided to become more visible, then well done for doing what most people avoid. You see, sometimes we're led to believe that standing out can be 'showing off'… boasting… getting one over on other people … taking jobs and/or money away from others … being false … kicking others when they're down… being brazen and many other of their distant relatives! 
Do you resonate with any of those?

~ You'll decide to go for it, Big Time and people will notice a difference!

~ Your cheeky Monkey will know better and say so loudly in your ear!

Go for it!!!
I've often read viewer and client posts about how much they're enjoying my video's, posts and techniques and how it inspires them into thinking, "screw it just do it".

At the risk of sounding like a wuss! I love that and it also makes me shed a happy tear occasionally too and here’s why.  Do you know how amazing it feels to facilitate this journey for others? If I can help just one of you to play big out there, get the job, have more people see and love what you do then I'm ecstatically happy. What's even better is that I know you'll pay it forward to others too.

So go for it! Life’s too short to worry about what others think! If you switch the focus from how you feel about doing it to how you’re helping others to achieve their dreams and desires, you’ll soon find that you cannot stop yourself!

Jenny Kovacs Speaking to Business Groups

The Cheeky Monkey
No, I haven't lost it, but I've been there when things are going great guns! I've been booked to speak, asked to give an interview, got a kick ass job with a shed load of money and this little nagging voice kicks in, with all kinds of rubbish, but at the time it's believable enough to have me think about, canceling… not doing it … feigning sickness… feeling wobbly or just plain scared out of my pants!!  

It's OK, this is actually normal and comes from a deep part of you which wants to protect you and keep you safe. The only way to do that is for it to plant a fear seed, grow a fear plant and hide you under the shade of the tree of fear. So I'll let you into a little secret, the fear seed is an empty old husk with nothing in it, but looking right at it and saying "Ah, I see what you did there kinda annihilates it. A bit like that Wizard in the wizard of Oz (If you haven't watched the film, go see it), it's one of the best personal development films I know!

This post was brought to you by Jenny Kovacs of GiFTWiSH (and the monkies I referred to were metaphorical ones, so chill out! 

No monkies were hurt in this blog, cross my heart).