Friday, 9 May 2014

::: 7 Way's we harm our Visibility & How to Stop it - Part 3 :::

It was once said that, your reputation is the thing that's left in the room, long after you leave!

On my own visibility journey spanning nearly 20 years, I’ve raised my profile professionally, increased my income (tripling it to be exact) and become known as a visibility specialist, business coaching on this very subject.

Things haven't always been so rosy though, so this is why I share this with you, so part 3 is...

Ever got the impression that someone feels like they're owed it? Without saying what the 'it' is, we've probably experienced someone who's given off a bad attitude. 

Do a selfie little experiment! 

Notice when these feelings come up for you and observe what's behind it, what started that feeling and what this is highlighting for you? If you're seeing this in team members or those close to you, just ask YOURSELF (not them) this question; 

What would be going on in my life for me, to have me feel like that?

... And that bad attitude...Let's just hope that person is not you, or your client facing member of staff!  

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