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[Article] Stop being visible like this! ~ 5 things to ditch and dump before New Year

Stop being visible like this! ~ Five things to ditch and dump before New Year

If you're not building the visibility traction you want from your ideal clients, or if it feels like people just aren't engaging with your work. 

It's not because you're "bad at what you do". 

It's not even because, "they're clearly not ready to invest with you"

It's more than likely that you're being held in invisibility by one or more of these "dumpable" behaviours. 

Firstly, here's why you're doing this. 

I know you have every good intention of getting something out there because that's what you're supposed to do right? You had every intention of sharing something but behind-the-scenes you're really busy scrambling around trying to get it done, too much to do not enough time.

It's likely that you sought advice, but whose advice exactly have you sought? Is it from a friend? Are relative? Someone that you know, you like you trust? Or is it someone that knows specifically how to achieve the results you're looking for someone who is played at it but someone who knows?

Of course you think it's a good idea!

The world already has a Gary V and somebody who is forthright says what they like, likes what they say. 

But ... you've always been brought up to be polite so when you share your information and spread the word, not only do you want to be polite, you don't want to offend anybody and certainly don't want them to unsubscribe, leave your group or even unfollow you. 

Don't worry! Help is at hand, because I'm about to shine a light on what will work better for you …


1. All mouth no trousers! 

'Watch this space' and 'coming soon', is all well and good if this is something to watch out for and something really is coming soon. For many of the people reading your things, they're in that space now and may not come back soon, let alone even remember to come back soon. 

Check yourself before you wreck yourself! Are you all mouth and no trousers?

Ditch this because: You're putting undue pressure on yourself while accidentally offering empty promises. 

2.Make yourself exclusive

I was once advised by a coach in my early days, to make myself exclusive. I literally took that to mean a business form of playing hard to get. I removed contact details from public places. I made sure that my information was abundant but didn't offer any other next step's or contact me information. 

In short I made myself pretty unavailable, so just check your online and off-line presence, for example if you don't do business cards, how do people you meet in the flesh best get hold of you?

Ask yourself… "How easy are you to get hold of?"

Ditch this because: you're being aloof, not exclusive 

3. Are you vanilla?
Strong people, with a clear message and a strong voice know that there is no point sitting on the fence.

They know who they really are, they own who they really are and they claim (and are proud of) their opinion. Some may agree, some may disagree but this point isn't about being marmite it's about vanilla. 

Are you too middle of the road in how you communicate to those people who both know you and haven't met you yet?

Ditch this because: You've got your own unique flavour, let people taste it

4.  Are you an avid boast poster?
You know the kind of post saying? 

Look at me, look at my shoes, look at my holidays, look at my house, look at me look at me look at me!

Whilst these types of posts have their relevance, they can also be very self-centred, in your face and do little to involve the reader. In fact, often it leads to the reader going into a state of comparisonitis or jealousy, both fairly ugly traits to attract.

When thinking of sharing this type of post, many people keep invisible by forgetting to share why they're sharing the post for the purpose to the person reading it. That little addition will make a huge difference to those that you want to work with and equally who want to work with you. 

Ditch this because: when people follow you they feel the ugly traits, they'll mismatch and you'll stand out for all the wrong reasons. 

5. Do you ACE your audience?

A - Acknowledge
C - Connect 
E - Engage

All too often whether online or face-to-face, people are left standing and ignored, and acknowledgement of them verbally or virtually remedies this in an instant and renders you visible to them.

It's the best way I know to genuinely connect with the people and who in turn love what you do.

The best way to keep yourself invisible is to never engage with the people who take the time and effort to reach out to you, comment on your blog, your posts, your talk. That's right! Ignore them at your peril and all that hard work you've put in to getting their attention in the first place will dissolve faster than a snowman on a beach. 

Ditch this because: It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it… and you know the rest! 

So these are just some of the ways that you may have accidentally been keeping yourself invisible, so what's next?

What do I do in the 101 other daily business situations Jenny, I hear you scream?

First up, I suggest you go back over those top five tips, put them in place now and notice the results that you start to get from those alone.

Next, surround yourself with more people who think like you and act like you, where you can have these types of open conversations and more. 

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Then there's standing out on video... that's a whole other post!

Jenny Kovacs | Visibility Specialist aka The Queen of Being Seen

Jenny Kovacs is the founder and CEO of GiFTWiSH a U.K. based business which trains, coaches and speaks to individuals and professionals worldwide in person and online. 

The Visibility VIBES™ system helps strong and confident people who feel frustrated with the 'popularised' ways currently offered to stand out, to quickly embrace their uniqueness & quirks so they can finally own their voice. In easy common sense ways. 

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