Monday, 17 February 2014

Raising your Visibility VIBE the JK Way


I walked on this, would you?

Every now and then in raising my own Visibility VIBE, I'm presented with a challenge, so this time I decided to walk on broken glass (as pictured on the left).

Not tincy wincy bit's of glass, but huge curved broken bottles! (The instructor who broke the glass up was covered in cuts from doing so). **NEVER do this without an instructor**

WHY walk on glass?

Well, doing this presented a real fear, a real challenge and I'm learning that when you push through fear (F=alse, E=vidence, A=ppearing, R=eal). 

Something magical happens! Thankfully it was that I walked and DIDN'T cut myself at all.

This demonstrated that if I can do that, I can pretty much do anything right? 
Including getting out there in a much bigger way AND showing you how to do the same. 

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What will you push through this week? Let me know below

Until next time!

Jenny Kovacs
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