Monday, 17 April 2017

[Video Visibility] Why Do Facebook Lives?

When I look at what’s ‘out there’ especially when it comes to Facebook lives, I see hundreds of talented businesses ‘having a go’ at Facebook lives. 

Once upon a time I would have gone for 110% perfection, then over time I went in the complete opposite direction and just went for it, just had a go, but I slowly found that that dishonoured my clients as much as waiting for it to be perfect. Back then, I got the help I needed to strike the balance and learn to do it well, not perfectly, but done well and in a relatable way. 

Then. And only then…

After that I implemented, practised, implemented again, took action, did it and sometimes didn’t, (which was a total nightmare by the way) and held myself accountable to others around me.

I know that Facebook lives look casual, but before I got to be casual, I had to get to what I wanted to share and why, here are three questions which helped

~ what about what I do makes me different? 
~ what about how I do it makes me different?
~ why does what I do make a difference?

As a fairly intelligent and well informed business owner who knew what I wanted, I felt like I was being pulled in different directions, trying to brand myself and my message ‘properly’. 

During my time working with one coach, I even came to the conclusion that because others are doing it (and seemingly successfully), I should too.

The problem was that I lost myself, my message and what I was really about, when I asked myself those 3 questions up there, I realised something very clearly. 

Although Facebook lives are a small part of what I offer, it’s an important part, but here's what I realised…

You are far too brilliant to ‘have-a-go’, and so are your clients and what you share. 

Jenny Kovacs ~ Visibility Specialist

PS What I also realised, was that true brilliance didn’t want to wait, and the most important thing about sharing is that you MUST do it as YOU not me.

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