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::: 2's Company, 3's a Crowd! In Defence of The Power of 3! :::

2's Company, 3's a Crowd! In Defence of The Power of 3!

At my last LIVE event, I shared the importance of "The Power of Three" when demonstrating your expert status. 

You see, 3 in the Visibility VIBE'ing world, connects you to a powerful place where, YOU can sound fabulously credible. 
How visibly credible are you at the moment, really? 
Are you:
1) Able to talk to a group of people at the drop of a hat about your business AND clearly articulate the benefits to your audience? 
2) Do you find when you're at your speaking gigs, people rush up to work with you or buy what you've just offered? 
3) Do you know exactly how to position your expert self when networking, when posting on social media, blogs or videos online and when face to face with your ideal clients? 
If you answered no to any of those questions, then you're not quite where you need to be in the credibility visibility stakes just yet, but that's ok

Here are some nuggets about the Power Of Three:

1. One choice is a restricting 'no choice',  with only Two choices, it's a dilemma. With Three or more choices, you now have some real options and opportunities. This is exactly the same for your audience, listers and viewers when watching and listening to you too!

2. When delivering a message from the stage while speaking, at a workshop or event, the use of three difference spaces not only helps your attendees to understand what you share. It also adds impact, so that you can positively influence them with your message.

They in turn can now take action and it's now likely to be with YOU

3. Giving auditory answers in Three's is the easiest way to break down a subject, in a way, which helps your online & offline audience to understand and digest your words more easily. So that the next time they need help in your area of expertise, it's you they come to. 

In London, those who attended the LIVE event were shown in under 30 minutes, the most effective way to answer questions with absolute certainty & credibility. Which in turn raises your visibility. 
They also had time and space to practise it away from the actual camera, interviewer and audience. This technique is really valuable anytime you're answering questions virtually anywhere PLUS impactful when speaking live too. 
Imagine what you could do, if you had:

- 6 hours, 
- a full day                                   or even
- 3 days 

To raise your visibility, so that more of the people you want to work with could actually find you, see you & work with you? 

This blog post is sponsored by the number 3...

OK, that was a little bit 'Sesame Street' but I'm all for making your Visibility VIBE easy.  

So please share with your peers, colleagues & friends. 

See you soon 

Jenny K 

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About Jenny Kovacs - GiFTWiSH 

Jenny Kovacs aka, the ‘Queen of Being Seen’ activates your Visibility so you're seen, heard and noticed. Jenny shares quick, effective techniques.

Awarded by Lisa Sasevich in her SASSY mastermind in Jan 2014 (after only 3 months) - yup, she's really pleased with that one! Jenny Kovacs specialises in helping you to become even more Visible, she Speaks about and facilitates getting you and your company visible getting you seen and heard. 

Jenny's mission in life, is to ensure you communicate, share and sell with credibility and ease, getting you seen, getting you heard and getting you noticed. 

Jenny speaks internationally on how to raise your Visibility both live and online and spreads the getting seen ripples far and wide, she shows you quick and easy ways to connect with people, while increasing your impact and confidence. 

Jenny loves to travel and you can often find her whereabouts here

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