Wednesday, 21 May 2014

::: 7 Way's we harm our Visibility & How to Stop it - Part 5 :::

It was once said that, your reputation is the thing that's left in the room, long after you leave!

On my own visibility journey spanning nearly 20 years, I’ve raised my profile professionally, increased my income (tripling it to be exact) and become known as a visibility specialist, business coaching on this very subject.

Things haven't always been so rosy though, so this is why I share this with you.

So you see a person who, to you, is influential. 

Before you know it you're focussing all of your attention on them, hanging on to their every word, or pushing your business and business card onto them! 

You've forgotten something! There are lots of other people in the room who want to get to know you too! They may even be potential clients, collaborators or JV partners!

In my corporate years, I saw many employee's presume that there was only one person worth 'sucking up' to and they ignored, bypassed and sometimes inadvertently offended the very person they wanted to impress... At business events and seminars, I've watched people clammer be ignored, looked over and told "well, my services aren't for you anyway!" ...and how do you know?

My point here is please don't Network, only when you think it matters, in my dealing with a CEO, I once took time to chat with his PA while I waited for our appointment. 2 months later she hired me as her personal coach. Or there's the Beverly Hills Hairdresser who during my hair straightening took my business card. At the end of our appointment she casually mentions that Sharon Osbourne also has her hair done at that salon! Can you imagine what could happen if I came up in their next conversation?

It's all about connecting and people you meet always know someone who might just need what you offer!

Next time you're networking and connecting, why not make a beeline for the person who's on their own looking for someone to talk to. 

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