Monday, 21 March 2016

::: Why you're not just average :::

You say: I need to stand out from the competition, but there are hundreds of people who do what I do. 

I say: Poppycock! (Or something a little more colourful) 

When I pulled into one of the U.K.s average train stations, expecting to see 100's of trains which take you to 100's of destinations, I didn't expect to see this! 

What if… ?

This train had considered itself 'the norm' just like all of the other trains in the station?

 It wouldn't have stood out! 

With a few extra internal accessories, a colourful lick of paint and a unique name to personalise it all, this train got out there and stood out! 

How do you stand out? 

Do you try to whistle louder than the other trains or do you do something different, something uniquely you? 

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