Friday, 18 March 2016

Visibility Faux Pas ~ That stuff that you don't do on purpose!

When getting new clients, it's an open invitation for people to buy your products and services, and it should be exactly that, an open invitation to which a person can respond yes or no... comfortably. 

So why do so many allow their desperation to get in the way of new clients, customers or prospects?

It's weird because much like dating… people smell desperation a mile off! 

Here are some Visibility Sales 'do's and 'don'ts' 

DONT pretend you want to chat and then try to hard sell your products programs and services. 

DO be open that there "might be a chance for us to work together", then ask, "shall we explore that?"


DONT spam their timeline or inbox with your stuff without their permission

DO share a post without links in your groups, the ones where you interact and engage, not just promote. Ensure someone has sign up legitimately to receive your emails, so that they can unsubscribe if they want to. 

DONT send unsolicited messages to unsuspecting people on social media

DO remember that social media is just that, so be sociable, if you're connected to someone who's not expecting your a barrage of private sales messages from you, don't be surprised at getting a barrage of abuse, and a damaged reputation to boot!

The 'vibe' is a sale based on connection and trust, and trust me when I say these make much juicer clients. customers and advocates of your business.

Jenny Kovacs shows outstanding people in great businesses how to be visible, make a difference and stand out to those who need their products, services or results. 

She is the creator of the Visibility VIBES™ system, a tried and tested method that helps business owners and employees to promote their strengths through what they say to the people around them and the clients they are trying to find. 

Get seen, get heard, get noticed, in a good way, your way.

© GiFTWiSH Ltd 2016 ~ taken from the Visibility VIBES™

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