Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Visibility on Video the Easier Way

Most people don't like doing video. 

They say;

 "I'm not technical"

"I don't like being on camera"

"I'll do it once I've got a decent camera & proper lighting" 

Here's the truth! 

None of that matters! 

Especially if you've got a phone which can make videos. (Most these days do). It's the easiest way to make a lasting impression AND give people a taste of how lovely you are. 

See? "easy peasey lemon squeezey" 

It only takes 30 seconds to make a video, WATCH here

Jenny Kovacs shows outstanding people in great businesses how to be visible, make a difference and stand out to those who need their products, services or results. 

She is the creator of the Visibility VIBES™ system, a tried and tested method that helps business owners and employees to promote their strengths through what they say to the people around them and the clients they are trying to find. 

Get seen, get heard, get noticed, in a good way, your way.

© GiFTWiSH Ltd 2016 ~ taken from the Visibility VIBES™

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