Monday, 11 July 2016

How to make your money work hard for you

Hi Visibility VIBEr 

This morning I woke up and asked myself two questions, one was " Are you going to treat today as the first day of the rest of your life?"

It might sound a bit dramatic, but it's a pretty refreshing way to start the day and in the spirit of doing things differently, I wanted to say this...

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Now, I want to ask,

~ Are you an employee, self-employed, a business owner or a stay at home parent?
~ Do you aspire to bring in more money?
~ Are you struggling to manage what’s available?
I believe it’s one thing to learn how to make money, but how on earth do you get it to stay and grow? 
This question really bothered me from time to time, as I just couldn’t see how I would ever get off the treadmill of having to just work hard for it… quite frankly, thinking about it can be pretty depressing!
Then in 2012, I met Ann Wilson, (now a best-selling Hayhouse author) and wealth guru, known as "The Wealth Chef", and the way I thought about money began to change. 
Ann & I in 2013
Learning from Ann will transform your life and relationship with money and that is why I'm doing it this time around and am so excited about the new free Video series Ann has just released. 

You'll learn how to increase your income;
  • Get assets into your life, that work for you easily, safely and in a way that doesn’t spend loads of your time
  • Create a passive income stream business from as little as $50 a month and less than 6 hours a year
  • A financial insider secret that will earn 70% more income for you (can you afford not to know this?)
  • Ways to manage your money effectively, so you can live a great life now, with the knowledge you’ll be safe and secure financially in your later years
Ann is insanely passionate about helping people like you and me, to live the greatest versions of our lives with money supporting us, so we can:
- Free ourselves up from having to work harder and harder for money
- Travel and experience more of what life has to offer
- Spend more time with our family and friends
- Contribute more to the things we feel passionate about
- Know we will be safe and secure in our future

Go here to watch her free video and be sure to take great notes because she always gives massive value!  
I'll warn you that Ann's Video will only be up for a short time, I'd watch it now before it comes down!

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Jenny Kovacs ~ Visibility Specialist

PS If you're wondering whether you've got time to watch this, it may be helpful to know that the second question I asked myself this morning was, "Can I afford not to?".

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