Friday, 1 July 2016

Dear Visibility Seeker,

When I worked in financial services as a National Training Manager back in 2006, I was added to lots of different email groups, in fact I’d regularly get in excess of 300 emails a day and one thing in particular really caught my attention.

I’d receive emails saying, it’s my birthday, I’ve got cakes in the kitchen, but why did it catch my attention?

Because, I worked out on the road as a National Manager, and could be found in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, so getting an email which said, there are cakes in the kitchen in when I was a good few hundred miles away, made me feel like I was missing out!

It was my birthday in June, so the cakes in my kitchen started with a short and sweet video to help you get your products and services out there. On here, I'm letting you know with a little advanced warning so that you’re not a million miles away! 

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It wasn’t about the cakes being hundreds of miles away, it was really about knowing that I had emails to read and that a fair few of them had to be read, they would probably not even apply to me but I’d need to take some sort of action before I could delete them. 

These days the stress so many business owners and ambitious employees experience when being visible is exactly the same, I hear:

~ How do I ensure people see my emails and know about what I'm doing?

~ Does visibility apply to me yet? I'm about to rebrand... update my website... start my business.. go for a promotion... change what I'm doing...?

~ How do I get people interested in, ready and actually using what I share?

The truth is there are lots of different ways to be seen, heard and noticed and it depends on you, because doing visibility my way isn’t your way and your way isn’t necessarily everyone else’s way either.

Look out for your 'cakes'*, I'll be sharing them in the next couple of days

*PLEASE NOTE: The cakes I talk about are metaphoric, have you ever tried putting cakes in the post?

No didn't think so!

Thank you for inspiring me, now go forth, be seen, be heard and be visible!

Jenny Kovacs ~ Visibility Specialist

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