Saturday, 5 April 2014

Are you Inadvertently Invisible on Facebook?

Are you Inadvertently Invisible on Facebook?

How to Get Visible in 15 minutes and 3 steps!

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Read this short post and follow the steps…

How to get visible on Facebook, so many of you have amazing businesses but you miss the opportunity to share with potential clients, family, friends, readers and your audience.

So this is for you if you haven’t yet linked your personal and public profile or business page and you’re reading this post.

STEP 1  - On your personal profile, your place of work should ALWAYS be a link to your Facebook business page, company page or public profile

STEP 2 - Where you have more than one business page, you CAN add them all

STEP 3 - If your job title in the ‘about’ section says ‘self employed and loving it’, or ‘school of life’, then when we fellow Facebookers click we’ll get a grey suitcase with recommendations from Facebook of other pages to like! (not a great way to showcase your business)

When in business, it’s usually friends, clients and family who endorse, recommend or pass on through word-of-mouth, so don’t miss this opportunity to be visible. 
Take action right, it’ll only take you 15 minutes, including the time to read this post!

Jenny Kovacs of GiFTWiSH  aka ‘The Queen of Being Seen’

PS If you know someone who’s still invisible on Facebook in this way, tag them on Facebook or pass this onto them


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