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The truth about Shaa Wasmund

The truth about Shaa Wasmund 

In the online educational world be it personal development, business development and even spiritual development, there is a lot of BS!

I've had it in mind to write this post for some time, but worried about looking ' 'bottom kissy', however one Sunday morning, I read something which Made. Me. Seethe.


I've never been very good at pretending to be an innocent bystander and watch something play out which doesn't agree with my values, principles or integrity.

And to boot, it's the reason why at least 80% of people who choose to work with me give the reason of not wanting to stand out as "Fear of what people will think about them or say about them and for one person 'do' to them".

So here's when Shaa Wasmund update her Facebook profile

I posted some words and a picture, it didn't feel like I'd said enough

So here's what I really wanted to share …

If "Integrity" is what you do when no one is looking"

Then here's what Sháá did when no one was looking.

First let me give you some context.

I run the relatively small Facebook group which at the time had around 200 people. I love sharing freely via Facebook live and every Friday (and Wednesday) I would pick a suitable topic for the VIBErs and share away.

When I took a few days break in September, I wanted to be able to unplug and spend time with those closest to me and I realised that this would affect the regular Friday broadcast. I had one of those "if-I-could-choose-anyone-in-the-world-to-do-this-in-my-place-who-would-it-be?" moments and Sháá instantly sprang to mind.

I don't claim that Sháá and I are best buddies or that I know her deeply, but what I have seen of her and what I do know of her with our own interactions doesn't warrant a snide comment or dig especially on social media, especially when a person doesn't take the time to see what's someone's about or why they're doing a thing.

To be completely honest in my world, every has the right to be seen, to be heard and not be dismissed even if we think they're talking rubbish, but why oh why do we have to do it with such venom?

Anyway, I've been to a number of Sháás events taken part in her programmes and been a part of her community ever since 2013 when I first heard her speak.

She's a busy woman, she works bloody hard, travels a lot, gives of herself and her time in so many ways.

All While being;

~ A mother
~ A three times published author
~ Responsible for promoting names like Chris Eubank, and brands such as Dyson
~ The proud owner of an MBE
~ A successful and profitable business owner
Insanely serious about getting fit
~ An early riser

So when asked by me without MBE or published books (yet), whether she would be able to do a Facebook live for my couple of hundred tribe as opposed to her, multiple thousand strong tribe what do you think she would say?

All on a day where she started her normal 5 AM start, did a trans-Atlantic Facebook live with someone else who is based on another continent, and had to attend a parents evening for her son later in that afternoon, what do you think she would say?

She could have said, "I'm too busy sorry", "I just don't have the time" or 1001 other things, but you know what?

She. Said. Yes.

We agreed it would be 20 minutes but 45 minutes later Sháá was giving, giving and giving some more.

So to anyone accusing somebody that they don't really know in such a way, without basis or using discernment, I can 100% say, I have seen no evidence of that in the time I've been around Sháá.

… and just in case you're wondering, I'd type this for whenever I saw this type of subtle online chastising of someone who needed it and trust me Sháá doesn't 'need' it.

Too many people see, hear or feel something and keep quiet and I wanted to remind those reading this that Sháá shows up and makes real a difference. That's something for me to continually learn from

"Integrity" is what you do when no one is looking" and no one was looking but you still did it.

Thanks Shaa from the bottom of my heart (and I expect from some of those VIBErs who watched too)

You're awesome

Jenny Kovacs | Visibility Specialist

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See what Shaa shared last week (eternally grateful to you Sháá, you rocked 🙏🏾) 

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