Saturday, 8 October 2016

An Easy Way To Get Out There Online & Offline

Thank You

Thank you for being here, whether you realise it or not, you're already making a difference.

Many times when I look on social media, I see post and hear from people just like you that they either love or loathe it, it's a similar story when socialising professionally or networking in the flesh.

Do you wish you loved connecting on and offline so much that you actually get to meet people?

Today I'd love to show you exactly how to get visible, raise your profile and describe what you do without posting links, thrusting business cards, or being removed from online groups for spamming.

Your work really matters: please share what you do with other Visibility VIBErs if Facebook floats your boat, to do that now click here

Here's a great way to introduce yourself

1. Greet the reader in a 'real you way', I often greet people I know with 'hiya' strange but true or hi, this is especially true in online interactions.

Face to face at meetings or meeting new people, I'll still say hi, in a more corporate setting I'll say hello, pleased to meet you but NEVER good morning, afternoon etc or I come across as wooden and weird!

How do you greet people you meet online and in the flesh? 

2. Give your name or nickname, I'm definitely a Jenny and only Jennifer if I'm in trouble (or you want to get my attention).

If your name is difficult to pronounce let them know how to pronounce it properly, say it slowly if face to face or type it phonetically if in a group online. 

I usually announce that I'm Jenny Kovacs at event's or when meeting people, they know how to pronounce my surname then, it's "Co-Vac-s" but with a 'K'

What do you prefer to be called?

3. Tell them where you're from are you in an online group where you're now based in Thailand but are originally from Manchester? Maybe you're over in America but spent time in Europe as a child. 

These conversation starters give a person something to talk to you about and helps to build some rapport, even when you're speaking to them face to face.

When can you next use this nugget?

4. Without adding your website, page or blog give one or two short lines about your business, no one has time to read pages and pages of what you do, and to be honest people don't care THAT much. If they want to know more they'll usually ask.

I inadvertantly shared a Facebook live I did with another group I'm in, I forgot that as well as sharing the gems in the LIVE I had invited people to watch something else over on my page, this is just as bad as adding a website link or spamming someone else group. My bad... I removed it as soon as I realised - whoops!

Now, don't fall foul of being a business card thruster! When you're meeting people at networking event's or seminars etc, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT push a business card into their hand, it's not cool and it's not clever! Either wait until you're asked, or ask, can I share my business with you, with a honest reason why. (and be prepared for the person to say "no thanks".

Be honest, have you done this?

5. Let people know what attracted you to the group whether live or online, this is a great way to open up the conversation in the flesh or engage while online. Let them know the value you can give and/or gain, (without adding links to your 'stuff or card thrusting)

Want some practice? 

Go and introduce or reintroduce yourself in the closed Facebook Group The Visibility VIBEs Tribe, you'll also be able to receive other visibility nuggets, meet great people and get offers there too.

Jenny Kovacs | Visibility Specialist

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