Monday, 13 June 2016

Monday Motivation - Becoming Unstuck

"Sometimes when we're stuck, we need to look backward to move forward" ~ Jenny Kovacs

In 2008 I recognised the stigma attached with a brand new week, often Mondays were met with dread, a feeling of overwhelm and a sense of being stuck.

Not the best way to set yourself up for the day, let alone the week!

So I found ways to send motivational messages around the office to lift people up. In 2010 when I started my business, I was really keen to keep this up as a service to those who wanted it. 

Today, I hope to bring the motivation to life, by creating the 10 minute space for you to activate your ability to today... Become Unstuck

Cast your mind back to your aspirations for 2016, where they for more fun, freedom, friends or love? Perhaps you wanted a better career, business or health? You may have wanted to smooth out their relationship with their families of those closest to them?

So you'll likely know that feeling, when you feel stuck right?

Take a moment to think about what you've got in mind for today, and this week, have you got a busy day at work? An awkward situation to deal with? 

"Sometimes when we're stuck, we need to look backward to move forward" ~ Jenny Kovacs

Where are you feeling stuck right now?

And it could be something like, clearing out the garage, tackling the kids bedroom, a change of diet, even a change of job!

If you have a few things which spring to mind, pick ONE thing, grab a pen and paper and write down your answers to these questions.

1) Which of those things would make the biggest difference TODAY?

2) What have you tried before which hasn't worked? 

3) Ask yourself this question, in order to move forward , what do I need to forgive myself for?

I share my own insights during this weeks 'Facebook LIVE' video and what that means if you're feeling stuck with something and trying to move forward. 

In essence, forgiving yourself for the things you think you did 'wrong' can easily be a doorway to propelling yourself forward towards the things you do want.

Let me know how you use this nugget!

"Sometimes when we're stuck, we need to look backward to move forward" ~ Jenny Kovacs

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