Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tuesday Talking Tip - A Picture Speaks

#Tuesday Talking Tip

You may have heard that most of our communication is non verbal.

So if a picture speaks a thousand words, then it's a great idea to communicate what you want in the way you want it. 

I saw this photo recently & was struck by its non verbal messages, here are a couple of observations.

~ the eye contact is super strong & immediately connects you to the photo. How's your eye contact both on & off camera? 

~ the red lips, this denotes that the person has something important to say. The paler the lipstick the less important the message is deemed, the darker the shade, then more importance is placed. 

(For men, a similar effect can be achieved by the choice of colour in your tie! Think of those politicians with the white shirts & red ties).  

Overall this warm and friendly smile is matched in the eyes. Cover the mouth and look at the smile in the eyes, then cover the eyes and look at the lip smile. 

Just as well there's a warm inviting smile here! This woman is the international Mentor, Coach, Author & Presenter of the weekly Divine Living Show - Gina DeVee find out more about Gina at www.ginadevee.com 

This beautifully captured photo is credited to Wendy K Yalom of www.wendykyalom.com

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