Tuesday, 15 May 2012

How to know what to include in a talk

Last week I was asked by a fellow net worker, "What should I include in a forthcoming talk that that I've been asked to give?" They then proceeded to tell me what they planned to talk about and why.

I get asked this question a lot as my background is in training and personal development. The question is usually followed by, "Should I use PowerPoint?" or Do I have to prepare handouts"

Well first things first, (the other two questions can be addressed in a later blog, if you're interested in reading more then please do let me know here).

So, what do you include in your presentation? Before you even begin to go there, answer these questions first:

1. What is the purpose of my talk?  Clue:The purpose of my talk is to _________________

2. What do you want your audience to do differently, or think differently as a result of your talk?

3. How can I deliver the talk in a way that is easily digestible for them to hear?

So let's imagine that you answer the questions as follows:

1. The purpose of my talk is to inform the audience succinctly in what my business is about
2. I want them to understand what I can offer them and others like them, and recommend me to their contacts

3. This is where people sometimes get stuck so here's a tip...

Based on your first two answers, make it easy for the listener and keep it short and sweet! Often because you're the expert on your business the tendency is to ramble on about what you do, and people are not interested in what you do or how you do it.

They want to know how it will benefit them, so here are some examples:

Accountant - I help you to keep the tax man happy
Electrician - I save you money on your bills by providing cost effective lighting (as heard recently)
Jewellery maker - I capture your special occasions in silver & gold

I hope this gives you an idea, so off you go, what are you waiting for? You have a talk to prepare!!

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By Jenny Kovacs

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