Wednesday, 29 July 2015

::: A better way to tackle Pain & Problems while being visible :::

Over the last couple of days I've seen examples of something interesting...

As a business owner who is trying to market your products, services or even get yourself yourself out there, then you'll find this message reassuring.

As a successful employee, making your mark in meetings, you'll find an innovative way to get your point across in a new way. 

I've often heard, and been shown that we as business owner need to tap into 'their pain' or provide 'a solution to their problem', the 'their' being those who are listening to you. 

My issue was how that felt for me! I wondered whether doing that exploited someone somehow and didn't feel comfortable with that. 

Visibility ~ Get out there

And then I saw an advert on Facebook…

I loved the advert for so many reasons, mainly because:

It highlighted the PAIN = you want to send someone flowers and if they're not in, they can't be delivered. 

And the PROBLEM = you want to do it as a surprise, yet often have to check whether they'll be there. Meaning they potentially smell a rat! (Figuratively speaking) 

Thus shining a light on the CLIENT NEED, they want to send fresh cut beautiful flowers while avoiding some of the things mentioned above! 

So here's a solution … love it!


Jenny Kovacs activates your Visibility so you're seen, heard and noticed. 

Known as the ‘Queen of Being Seen’ Jenny Works with you in your business, so that you’re seen, heard and visible. Owner of GiFTWiSH, the creator of the Visibility V.I.B.E.S.™ programme and the Speaking Out Authentically™ system Jenny speaks, coaches and trains visibility and on how you specifically can raise your credibility while having an positive impact on your potential clients and peers.  

Get seenheard and noticed

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