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How to be 'professional' on video

How to be 'professional' on video
Hi Visibility VIBEr!

"I could divide my life in two parts: before turning pro and after. After is better" - Steven Pressfield (The War of Art)

During client calls, workshops and talks, one resounding visibility question I'm asked about consistently by you is video. 

"OMG I could not do video, I look and sound awful" (which technically speaking isn't actually a question in my books) but that's what you say

What basic equipment do I need Jenny, to get started?"

How do I work out what to say?

I usually respond with a "Just start where you are" type of response, which I know sounds flippant, but I actually mean it. 

Here's why, I remember a few years ago I made a video because I felt compelled to share some really useful techniques and to be honest, I got sick of waiting for 'my big break' before giving myself permission to just do it. 
Someone I met had commented and said they had a TV production  background and that a video produced in a studio would be far better. 

But for who? I asked

Because, I quickly realised from all the other comments I received, that my videos were actually hitting a spot and empowering you to create your own professional videos, without a script, perfect lighting or even makeup (yes men too). 

So watch this and tell me if you agree, and notice how I incorporate the sights and sounds too … 
Click to watch this ... Being Professional on video just got easier!
To your visibility VIBES

Jenny Kovacs  ~ The Queen of Being Seen

PS the answers to the above questions are;
  1. It's about them, not you
  2. A mobile phone
  3. Share ONE useful thing that your people need to hear
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