Friday, 13 June 2014

Visibility without the Baloney!

As with many things in life, in order to move closer to our dreams, aims and ambitions, it really helps if we can get a clear sense of what we really want.

Visibility is exactly the same. You may want to be known by thousands internationally speaking in world stages or you may want to run a successful local business locally in your town or city, while making enough money to treat yourself and your children to treats.

Let’s start with a few myth busters!

1)   “To be visible, you have to be ‘famous’”

Here’s why that’s baloney: There’s a difference between being known as the go-to person for the thing that you do and being ‘big brother’ famous for not really doing a lot!

Fastest Path to busting loose = STOP comparing yourself to those you admire, they have their visibility journey and you have yours!

2)   “Before working on your visibility, you have to have a perfect website.”

Absolute poppycock!!! Once the people you want to work with, sell to, share your services and products with know who you are, they’ll find you and send people to you.

TRUE FACT, in 2010, without a Facebook page, website or business cards I bagged myself a contract which was worth over £16k.  So what I’m saying is: shine! Your business and your passion and people will find you. With that income, you can get your website built, business cards made, and promotional material created.

3)   “Fake-it-till-ya-make-it”

This is a sure fire way to make yourself appear incongruent with who you really are.

Acting “As If”, however is a whole different ball game! When you fake it, people don’t know why. They can smell that something is off. It shows up in your body language, in what you say and how you act. Worse still, they work with you and end up dissatisfied, giving you terrible PR!

Acting “As If” usually means you behave as if you’re at the place you want to be, in the way you want to show up. It means that you’re happy to share your worth, integrity and sincerity.

In order to start on your visibility path, let’s perform a quick audit to get really clear on where you are now. This will enable you to focus on what your next steps will be.

Remember: this is best written down with pen and paper first. Please know there are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers here.

1. Where are you now in terms of visibility?
2. Do your relatives know what you do?
3. How visible are you on-line on Social media, and how many followers do you have?
4. Do those closest to you understand the value that you offer?
5. How do you answer the 'What do you do?' questions?

Be totally honest with yourself, as you do not need to share your answers with anyone else. This plan gives you your 'roadmap' on where to go from here, showing what's really possible.

Jenny Kovacs - aka The Queen of being Seen
Jenny Kovacs activates your Visibility so you're seen, heard and noticed. 

Known as the ‘Queen of Being Seen’ Jenny Works with you and your business, so that you’re seen, heard and visible, expressing as your true self. Owner of GiFTWiSH, the creator of the Visibility VIBE programme and the Speaking Out Authentically system Jenny speaks, coaches and trains visibility and on how you specifically raise your credibility while having an positive impact on your potential clients and peers.  

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